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Angus Young Carers Awards

Tuesday 13th September 2011

A group of ten young carers saw their efforts rewarded when they were presented with certificates for achieving Dynamic Youth Awards and Youth Achievement Awards at the Meadowbank Inn.  The young carers, all aged between 11 and 15 have attended a “Carewise” course, a training course for young carers developed by Angus Carers Centre Staff to enhance the lives of young carers by providing appropriate information and support.  The young carers who have achieved their Dynamic Youth Award gave up 3 days of their holidays in April to attend the course, during which they were able to share experiences, explore their feelings and learn strategies for coping with difficult times.  By reaching the targets they set for themselves, the group were able to successfully complete the Carewise Course as well as achieving their Dynamic Youth Awards.  One further Young Carer achieved their Youth Achievement Award through attending a Young Carers Activity Break as well as participating in other activities.

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