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Brechin Fundraisers Donation

Tuesday 24th February 2015

The Angus Young Carers Service was absolutely delighted to accept a donation of £750 from a group of friends in Brechin.

Jess Christie, Marion Harper, Sheonagh Reynolds and Vera Galt have been carrying out various fundraising activities together now for 14 years, and many local charities have benefited from their hard work.

This year it was the turn of Angus Young Carers. They held a Christmas Craft Fair at The Mechanics’ Hall in Brechin and raised the fantastic sum of £750! We are delighted that the group chose Angus Young Carers as their beneficiary, and the ladies would have liked us to use these funds to help Young Carers throughout Angus to enjoy some fun and respite over the Christmas period.

As 2014’s celebrations had already been planned and funded, we look forward to being able hold some exciting Christmas activities in 2015 in the sound knowledge that this kind group’s hard work has made that possible.

As part of these fundraising efforts, Brechin confectioner, Sweets & Treats, held a raffle and raised an additional £62 – also donated to Young Carers. On behalf of all at Angus Young Carers – Thank You all – we appreciate your kindness and generosity!

brechin fundraisers give cheque to Angus Young Carers

Jess Christie, Marion Harper, Sheonagh Reynolds and Vera Galt present the £750 cheque to Pamela Christie and Audrey Thomson of Angus Young Carers.

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