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Young Carers Adventure

Friday 08th July 2011

11 young carers, along with 2 staff and a volunteer have just returned from a four-day adventure to Alton Towers and Blackpool.  The young carers all aged between 12 and 15 all enjoyed a fantastic break away from home and all the responsibilities of caring with the opportunity to make friends with other young carers and try activities they have never tried before.  The break included a day at Alton Towers and a day at Blackpool.  On the final night the group had the opportunity to see the show, "Hot Ice" and meet with young carers from the Blackpool area.

"I loved this trip, it was so fun and would love to go on something like this again."

"It was fun getting to make friends and doing this I have never done before."

"This trip was amazing and I loved the hotel.  It's great getting away from home for a change.  I would love to go on another trip sort of the same.  I loved it!!!"

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