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Young Carers Day - 2015

Thursday 09th April 2015


Angus Carers holds its first ever Young Carers’ Day

A special day for young carers in Angus took place at the Panbride Centre, Carnoustie, on Wednesday 8 April.

Organised by the Young Carers’ Team at the Angus Carers’ Centre in Arbroath, this is the first time that a dedicated day for young carers has been held in Angus.

A ‘World Cafe’ event started the day, where young carers met with local leaders in the fields of education, health, community and employment, to discuss caring matters and to plan a new regional strategy for young carers.

In the afternoon, the young carers attended workshops where they gained skills in African drumming, cake/biscuit decoration, pampering, mental health support, football and arts & crafts. During the course of the day an artist storyboarded in cartoon-strip format the main issues that affect the young carers.

Alison Myles, CEO of Angus Carers, said:

“We’re very pleased to have organised this first dedicated day for young carers in Angus. The day offered young carers in Angus a chance to voice their thoughts about their roles as carers and also to have some fun. We plan to hold Young Carers’ Day on an annual bas  is.”

Freda Stewart, Manager of the Angus Health Improvement Team, said:

"Angus Health Improvement is hugely supportive of the important role of Young Carers, and we work with partners to ensure they get the recognition they deserve. Young Carers are a huge asset and helping them to provide better care and to stay well themselves will contribute to better lives for everyone."

Some of the young carers who attended Young Carers' Day had this to say about the event:

  • “I wish we can have more days like today!”
  • “Young carers make me feel happy supported and listened to.”
  • “I feel by talking about everything it can make a difference.”
  • “Good chance for the group to get together and discuss concerns and suggestions with professionals.”
  • “It is a day when Young Carers can explain to people their problems or issues to the council to try and solve these problems.”

Margo Williamson, Strategic Director of the Individuals and Families Department at Angus Council, said:

“I am delighted to have had a role in the first ever day dedicated specifically to our Angus Young Carers. Last year we saw the launch of the Young Carers’ Card, which was a great achievement. To see the turn-out today of elected members, Angus Council staff and partners working alongside our young people is tremendous. Young Carers are special people and asking them how we can help them is something I hold dear.”

Fiona Robertson, Principal Officer at the Panbride Centre, said:

“This event gives young carers a chance to have their say on caring issues, and lets us all work together to help improve things locally for young carers."

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Donations that helped to make the Young Carers' Day happen were made by Pie Bobs (Arbroath), Tesco (Arbroath), Spar (Carnoustie), JM Bakers (Arbroath), The Co-Op (Arbroath and Carnoustie).

photo of young carers in Angus

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