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Young Carers have their say

Tuesday 01st February 2011

Over 30 young carers joined staff and volunteers at the Young Carers’ Christmas Evaluation night on 19 January.  Even though Christmas was distant memory by then, everyone got into the Christmas Spirit with decorations, Christmas songs and even a visit from the Big Man in red!  On a more serious note, the evening was a huge success and we are eternally grateful for all the feedback that young carers gave us on the services we provide at Angus Carers.  We are now working through some of the ideas and are busily planning some days out and activities for the coming months including........... the biggest and best residential ever!

Thanks again to everyone who attended and participated so enthusiastically to the activities.  We were very pleased to hear that Angus Carers makes you feel...........

Confident                            supported                                           happy                                   grateful

Brilliant                                 awesome                                            free                                       cool

 We plan to organise another joint event for all age groups in the summer where we hope you will continue to share your thoughts and feelings about our services.  Don’t forget though, if you have any comments, about any aspects of our services, don’t be shy....let us know.

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