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Young CarerWhat is a Young Carer?

A young carer is someone aged 18 or under who helps to look after or support a member of their family due to:

  • Physical or learning disability
  • Mental illness
  • Physical illness
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Chronic or terminal illness

The person the young carer looks after might be their mum, dad, brother, sister, grandparent or any other person close to their family. They may look after the person all by themselves or they may help someone else. Many young people donít even realise that they are a young carer.

Young carers may cook, clean, do shopping, look after brothers and sisters, give medication, help with washing and bathing, or even just keep someone company. Every young carerís situation is different Ė it is not necessarily the amount of care undertaken, but the impact that it has on a young personís life.

Sometimes, a young carer may experience difficulties as a result of their caring situation. They may find it difficult to find time to do things that other people their age do, like homework, go out with friends, or enjoy themselves.

If you are a young carer, or think you know someone else who is, who could benefit from our support, please contact us using the contact us page. We can then discuss the next steps with you as well as providing you with all the information you need.

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